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With the purchase of Ají Yuquitania you are contributing to the conservation
of ancestral practices and traditional techniques of the indigenous communities of the Amazon region.

SELVA INMENSA is a project born in 2014 after a trip to the Vaupés jungle. There we had the opportunity to live with different indigenous peoples who taught us about their ancestral knowledge, traditional practices, the importance of the territory and its relationship with the environment.

In the middle of the immensity of the jungle we got to know the Yuquitania, an ancestral preparation made with one of the power plants: the Amazonian chili pepper.  Within the indigenous tradition, this plant and its preparation contain a strong cultural and ritual value; It is also a fundamental ingredient in their traditional cuisine.  

Currently, the project involves indigenous families and communities, as well as farmers, from the territories of Vaupés, Guaviare and Amazonas.

  “The chili is especially to beautify. When the woman turns 13 and the man turns 15, they begin to inhale the chili. They take the chili, crush it, make a broth and inhale it. The chili pepper is freshly picked and fresh. Every day for a month. From there they start with the fresh seed to be thrown on the face, and then they put a layer of rubber latex on the face to clean the impure ones from the face. Then with a leaf they are dried. The face comes out greasy, especially to paint the "carayuru". That is why one does not have stains, that is an ancient treatment. Preserves youth, does not make you age or let wrinkles come out. That is the custom. "

Rodrigo, indigenous Cubeo, on indigenous customs around the use of chili.

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